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About Vasundhara

Kirloskar and Vasundhara Club organise the "Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival" (KVIFF). This festival has been organized in Pune since 2006.From 2009, this festival has been presented in select cities in Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa. "Kirloskar Vasundhara" is an innovative attempt to explore nature and analyze issues related to environment, wildlife, energy, air and water. This is the only festival spread over 8 days with focus on preserving & protecting wildlife and save the mother earth (that is, "Vasundhara") for future generations. During the festival, National and International films on environment, wildlife and energy are screened coupled with allied activities such as discussions on the subject with experts, policy makers and society at large.

"Kirloskar Vasundhara" is a movement to enhance awareness about environmental issues, cultivate the desired attitudes and promote behaviour conducive to environmental conservation , as also influence the policies in a democratic way. KVIFF strives to make people concerned about "Mother Vasundhara" and fosters the need to preserve our timeless natural heritage.

The 1st Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival was organized as a part of the "Pune Industrial Fair'. It comprised of lectures, film screenings and discussions with filmmakers. The 2nd KVIFF was hosted in National Film Archive of India's theatre (330 seats) in Pune. The overwhelming response, prompted Kirloskar to shift the venue for the 3rd KVIFF to a bigger auditorium (1,000 seats). During its 4th year, KVIFF had around 15 hours schedule per day and participation of about 8,700 registered delegates . A number of allied activities further enriched the 5th festival, and guests from different countries visited the festival to watch internationally acclaimed films, and also interact with the British filmmakers. With this strong footing, the 6th KVIFF evoked an unprecedented response from environmentalists, NGOs, film lovers, film makers and society at large.



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Festival at Pune
17th Jan 2014
5.30 pm
Opening Ceremony of 8th KVIFF
Balgandharva Rang Mandir

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